Jamie’s Pistachio, Yoghurt & Elderflower Cupcakes



The weather in Melbourne right now is a bit here and there, sometimes hot when the sun is out but then it gets quite chilly and I’m sure it’s still meant to be summer. Anyways over the weekend I went to a friend’s barbecue and of course brought some dessert along! I think it is…[Read more]

No Bake Valentine’s Truffle



Happy Valentine’s everyone! (for those who celebrate it of course), I’m not big on celebrating it but this year since I’ve been baking more I thought why not try and put something together that is quick and simple. This recipe is pretty much perfect if you don’t have anything to give anyone and/or can’t be…[Read more]

Halloween Treat / Moist Chocolate Cupcake with Kahlua Buttercream



I have always been a fan of halloween, ever since my siblings and I were small we always had did the whole halloween sha-bang because the whole school was pretty much full of Americans. Trick or treating was so much fun, you’d have some houses that were fully decked out to scare you and sometimes…[Read more]

Strawberry Tarts



It was beautiful weather here yesterday in Melbourne, after all the semi-cold and windy spring days it was finally nice. Although it looks like this coming week will be windy and cold again which is never nice but oh well had one nice weekend! A few of us went down to the park for a…[Read more]

Chocolate Granola



The other day I made some granola, and I loved it/still love it so much. I have never made my own granola before because I couldn’t be bothered but it is easier than I thought and you also know the exact ingredients going into it. BONUS, considering I’m trying to eat healthy! I’m also trying…[Read more]

Chocolate Tart



Ok, so this is possibly the best chocolate tart I have made and probably eaten! It’s a recipe we did in class and I also had to do it for the assessment and I’m telling you it is seriously a winner. It is really rich and just oh so chocolate-y, definitely not overly sweet either…[Read more]