Currently travelling!



I’m currently out and about and also haven’t really been posting anything on this for a while. Apologies. But, I am posting photos from my holiday as I go on my Facebook page. So check it out to see the places I’ve been too!   Biskuit’s Travel Page  

Chasing Balloons – A Fundraising Event



I have finally put this post together and now sharing it with all of you!  This post isn’t a recipe or anything like it. As part of a 100 day challenge (link) I will be baking cakes in which all of the proceeds will go straight to the cause which will be donated evenly to…[Read more]

Vegan Chocolate Cake



I made a VEGAN cake everybody! no butter, no eggs and no milk, and I really have to say it was ridiculously deliciously amazing. No joke, I don’t kid about my chocolate cakes. You would never believe what the fudgy frosting is made out of…dates, yes only dates and cocoa powder. Once the cake cooled…[Read more]




I have to admit I have been a little slack with the blog lately, but, at the same time I have been baking and making a whole heap of things. Recently I set out to bake for 10 days straight focusing on biscuits and slices (or you could call them bars), testing different recipes and…[Read more]

Flourless Chocolate Brownies



If you’re like me and you like chocolate then you definitely like your brownies decadent and rich. These brownies are flourless which means they are gluten free and also means that there is a whole lot of chocolate goodness in them. Super easy and super delicious so I will let you get to the making…[Read more]

Jamie’s Pistachio, Yoghurt & Elderflower Cupcakes



The weather in Melbourne right now is a bit here and there, sometimes hot when the sun is out but then it gets quite chilly and I’m sure it’s still meant to be summer. Anyways over the weekend I went to a friend’s barbecue and of course brought some dessert along! I think it is…[Read more]